Custom posters are an excellent way to advertise, educate and inform with striking visuals and sharp text. Create educational posters for a classroom, or high-quality posters that instantly call your customers’ attention while announcing a sale or promote an event. Create Display your distinct design at their favourite coffee shop, at the next big trade show, or at the bus station.


  • High-quality poster printing for colours that really pop
  • Perfect on walls, doors, windows or bulletin boards
  • Lamination helps you avoid wrinkles & retains quality
  • Tear-proof & water-resistant material for outdoor use
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Additional information

Paper Type

Semi-Gloss, Premium Gloss, Mounted Poster, Premium Matte, Outdoor


Horizontal, Vertical


16" x 20", 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 22" x 28", 24" x 36", 36" x 48"


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